“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in."
Mother Teresa

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Recent Activities

Sarthi distributed sweets to unpriviledged children on the occation of Diwali at Shiv Vihar Sanganer Jaipur

Provided help in the shape of Material for his shop to one person having no income source at Tonk Road Jaipur

Sarthi provided school shoes to 100 Students in Government middle school kumda basti Jhalana, Jaipur

One awareness program was conducted on "Good Touch Bad Touch" in Geeta Global School Sitapura Jaipur

Sarthi initiated save tree movement and started plantation from Government Sr. Seconday School Malviya Nagar Jaipur

Sarthi distributed school stationery to 100 students in Governement primary school calagiri, Jhalana basti Jaipur

Sarthi provided ration and grocary items to Divya Jyoti Blind School Jagatpura Jaipur

Sarthi distributed pencils, crayons and stationery items in various slum areas of Jaipur

Sarthi distributed 5000 school bags and pencil pouches kit under CSR program of APL Apollo Pipes Limited NOIDA in various Govt. school in and around Jaipur

Sarthi provided school shoes to 104 boys staying in Bal ashram virat nagar Jaipur

Sarthi distributed school shoes to 140 students in Governement Girls Senior Secondary School Airport Sanganer Jaipur

Sarthi conducted one interactive session on Women hygiene at shiv vihar colony sanganer Jaipur and distributed sanitary napkin to the ladies

Sarthi deposited school fees of many unpriviliged students in various schools in Jaipur

Sarthi distributed woollen sweaters to around 100 students in Governement Girls Senior Secondary School Airport Sanganer Jaipur

Sarthi distributed FREE Sanitary Napkins to the needy girls and women in shiv vihar area sanganer in associaltion with Shine NGO

Sarthi arranged one FREE medical camp for the public of Malviya Nagar. Numerous pathological tests were done in this Free Camp in associaltion with Max Hospital New Delhi.

Sarthi distributed woollen sweaters to around 100 students of Nand puri Anganbari and Samarpan sansthan (A Balika grah)

Sarthi provided one desktop to a girl student studying in university law college. Her father is a low paid worker and not able to afford.

Sarthi is providing help to the patatients by giving various medical items to the needy persons in Jaipur

Sarthi established one Book Bank for needy students. Needy students can borrow books without any cost (FREE) in Panchsheel Enclave, JLN Marg Jaipur

Sarthi distributed cloths to the needy persons of keer ki dhani kacchi basti and nearby areas of sanganer Jaipur

Sarthi bed sheets, vegitable etc to the Samarpan Sansthan A Balika Grah, Malviya Nagar Jaipur for girls residing there

Sarthi conducted one interactive session on Raod safety in Govt. Sr. Secondary School Malviya Nagar Jaipur for awereness ofthe students

Sarthi conducted one interactive session on Raod safety in Vedik Kanya PG College Adarsh Nagar Jaipur for awereness ofthe students

Sarthi conducted one interactive session on Raod safety in Mahatma Gandhi Senior Seconday School Adarsh Nagar Jaipur

Sarthi provided one month Ration and sweetas to the resident of Mahatma Gandhi Kusth Rog (Leprosy) Ashram Agra Road.

Organized free covid vaccination camp on 24th July 2022 at Malviya Nagar Bada Park, D Block Malviya Nagar Jaipur.

Sarthi distributed 3000 school bags and pencil pouches kit under CSR program of APL Apollo Pipes Limited NOIDA in various Govt. school in and around Jaipur

Sarthi provided cool water camper to Addl SP Highway/Rural for the policemen standing on various crossings and having no water facility.

Sarthi Provided help in the shape of Fruits/vegitables to one old lady for her shop in Kunda Basti Jhalana area Jaipur. She has no source of income.

Sarthi provided one month ration material to Mahatma Gandhi kusth rog Ashram Jaipur. Aroud 50 persons are residing there and not able to do work

Sarthi provided embroidery and tailoring machine with multi functions to one widow lady in shiv vihar Jhalana Area Jaipur. This lady has no source of incomec and mothe of two children

Sarthi celebrated Holi festival with old age persons residing in oldage home Chaksu with colours. flowers and followed by Bhajans

Sarthi arranged one Drawing competition for kids in Keer ki dhani Sanganer and awarded prizes for best drawings

Sarthi distributed 150 Lunch Boxes to the needy students of Government Middle Manoharpura Kachhi Basti Sanganer Jaipur

Children Educare Society Trust

India is a country with more than 125 crores people. Only total population less then 50 percent can read. Due to poverty, awareness huge number of children is away from education.
India is fourth among the top 10 nations with the highest numbers of out-of children in primary level. Furthermore, the rate of school drop-outs amongst students is very high. One of the main reasons behind this is poverty. When earning a livelihood and taking care of the members of the family becomes a primary matter of concern in one’s life, education stands a little or, very often.
A disproportionate number of total out-of-school children in India are girls. What denies equal opportunities of children are serious social issues that have arose out of caste, class and gender differences. The practice of child labour in India and resistance to sending girls to school in several parts of the country remain as genuine concerns. If the current trend continues, millions of underprivileged children will probably never set foot in a classroom. Sarthi-Children Educare Society Trust is Registered as NGO in Jaipur for education of poor children.

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Sarthi-Children Educare Society Trust has to work in a collaborative framework for Education, linking it to the quality of life with special focus on BPL sections of society.

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Provide contextually relevant support to community based initiatives (Government as well as Non-Government) for quality education of marginalized adolescents

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Sarthi-Children Educare Society Trust is mainly dedicated to provide humanitarian support to qualified not- for- profit organizations throughout all states of India....

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Volunteers are the most important persons of every organization. We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our mission to work for the welfare of children of poor families who can’t afford expenditure for education.


Get involved in our social cause and help us for raising funds. The Fundraiser is the backbone of every mission. We believe that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen.


Become a sponsor for one or more child for education and take the liability for his/her education. We will display the names of major sponsors with child name on our website as per wish of sponsors.Quarries associated with this pantomime mission, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or on the number given. We hope that you will definitely support us in this noble cause.